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Riviera Maya

The waters of the Caribbean lie calmly and peacefully here under the brilliance of an awakening sky in this place chose by the gods for the enjoyment of man. The plants, beautiful and aromatic flowers, the plethora of wildlife, bask in this unending paradise under the bemused gaze of the heavens that offer the warming gifts of the sun by day and, by night, the most romantic moments created by the constellations of a starry sky and the pale light of the moon.

Things you must do when you visit the Riviera Maya:

  • Swimming by the only archaeological site located by the sea... Tulum.
  • Spend a day of amazement interacting with Mexican culture in one of the most spectacular theme parks in the world Xcaret.
  • Snorkel in the largest natural aquarium in the world Xel-Ha.
  • Get the perfect suntan in Akumal silky beaches.
  • Explore the mystery of the Mayan caves in Aktun Chen.
  • Stroll along "La Quinta Avenida" of Playa del Carmen and enjoy the wide variety of bars, restaurants and shops.
  • Return in time and discover a Mayan village.
  • Discover the underwater world at the largest coral reef on the northern hemisphere... Snorkeling and Diving.
  • Get in touch whit one of the greatest biodiversities in the world on the Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka'an.
  • Relax and experience a Mayan treatment in one of the multiples Spa┬┤s in Riviera Maya.


The Gods gave the order and the sky covered the earth with light. From the light came the waters that gave life to the trees so that they could become home to the colorful plumed birds that spread the seeds for the flowers. Then came the tapirs and later the pheasants and, under the unperturbed gaze of the moon, paradisiacal attributes filled this special place for the enjoyment of mankind throughout eternity.


The sinuous paths wind their way through the heart of the jungle, through the remaining vestiges, the temples and cities of an ancient, extraordinarily advanced civilization. The subterranean rivers flow through the earth's entrails and the sacred underground waters are surrounded by lush vegetation that will restore your desire to live life at its fullest.


The turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea are great for scuba diving to experience underwater life on the Great Maya Reef. The coral formations extending along a large portion of the coast are an unforgettable sight which allows you to explore the largest coral reef in the Northern Hemisphere. The numerous subterranean rivers and "cenotes", formed by water filtering through the limestone, provide another option for those who love diving. Many locations within the jungle provide rental equipment as well as guides and instructors for cave diving.


Snorkeling allows everyone, to explore the underwater world. This activity has become extremely popular among tourist from all over the world. It is such safe aquatic sports that even kids can participate, and makes it the perfect activity to enjoy with your family. Between the wonderful coral reef and cenotes in the region there is always an unexplored spot.


Fishing in the Riviera Maya is an activity that draws thousands of visitors a year. Almost all warm water marine species can be fished here. Sailfish are particularly prevalent. Throughout the year there are frequent fishing tournaments held with lovers of the sport.